We were taken aback behind Holiday Autos!

Pretty much everyone who’s visited Camberley’s town centre lately – and anyone who lives in the new Churchill Homes – will know that the demolition of the former Holiday Autos building is progressing rapidly and visibly.

So, off we toddled yesterday, to take a photo or two of work in progress.  When we got there, a gentleman in a hi-vis jacket approached.  We’re used to this – we’re often greeted with:  ‘Oi, you can’t do that here’.  (To be fair, when we explain what we’re up to, politeness often prevails.)  But in this case, there was no ‘Oi’.  Just a friendly ‘Hallo’.  And when we explained why we were taking photos, there was a follow-up comment of ‘You’re the Camberley Eye!’.  Which somewhat blew our mind;  are we known more widely than we thought?  As far as Enfield, it transpired, in this case.

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Anyway, herewith just a few photos.  And, though we usually avoid showing close-ups of people, we’ve made an exception – by agreement! – in this case.  Also, we should explain that what some passers-by think are clouds of dust are actually water mist;  jets of water are being sprayed on the building to suppress dust.  Altogether, though we feel a bit sorry for those living in Churchill Homes, the operation seems to be managed as well as possible to minimise its impact on the surroundings.


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