Mothercare – scarcely a trace left

The closure of Camberley’s Mothercare was widely discussed a few days ago.  But virtually all trace of the business has been removed remarkably quickly.  The premises are empty, and there’s no shop sign above them.  Sad.  But the overall Mothercare operation hasn’t been in a very healthy state for a while, if we remember correctly.

P1060283b P1060288bOne of the more depressing aspects is that Mothercare has abandoned Camberley, but is continuing to operate in Farnborough.  That could be an omen for the future;  Camberley is under threat.  Come on, borough council.  Extract your digit and DO something.


15 thoughts on “Mothercare – scarcely a trace left

  1. What is going on with the regeneration? When is working going to start? Camberley has amazing potential, but the council seem to be asleep. Get it moving again!

  2. Camberley. Before too long it will simply be the place where the traffic gets stuck on the road between Farnborough (modern shopping destination, fast direct railway connections to London, easy access to M3) and Bracknell (modern shopping destination, frequent direct railway connections to London, easy access to M4). At least we’ll have plenty of flats and retirement homes…

  3. We do seem to be sleepwalking into obvlivion, Paul. Camberley can’t compete with large shopping centres, so it shouldn’t even be trying. Instead, the emphasis should be on turning the town centre which people want to visit for leisure and pleasure (and, indeed, where they want to live for the same reason). The future is never certain – obviously – but the council should be doing its best to anticipate it. Not just to allow things to stagnate. Plans on paper aren’t worth anything; it”s DOING things that matters.

  4. Yesterday I received an invitation through my mailbox to go and see the new Bracknell Lexicon shopping centre. It’s faintly depressing that I am being encouraged to visit somewhere several miles away, almost as if they knew they were pitching to a welcoming ear given that so little seems to be being done to Camberley.

    Empty units, empty promises; I’m trying hard not to be cynical but there seems very little reason to feel otherwise.,..

    • Louise, it’s all too easy to be negative and moan about Camberley. Lots of people seem to make a habit of it. In fact, as a small doing centre, in particular the mall, Camberley has a lot to recommend it. But, in spite of that, I’m being increasingly depressed about the town’s future. .We all appreciate the difficulties, but the borough council appears to talk and to plan, but not actually DO anything. What in some ways is even worse, it doesn’t communicate, it doesn’t provide any simple progress updates, so it’s inevitable that residents will criticise and mistrust it. In such situations, the guidelines are to OVER communicate, not to pull up the drawbridge.

  5. Sadly, Gemma, all the residents do is elect almost every councillor from the same old political party. Until residents use their vote and bring in much more new and energetic blood, there’ll be no-one in an ‘official’ position to pressurise the council staff – especially the ‘management’ – to do anything. So it’s ‘our’ fault; it really is. But having elected them, the least we can do is to urge our councillors to improve things.

      • I think not, Gemma. The biggest item in the £310m regeneration budget is converting the M3 to a smart motorway. The London Road Block upgrading is put at £120m – but that’s not all council money. From memory, The Mall’s owners have said that they’ll have to obtain something like £45m for that. Which is in addition to ca. £5m for renovating the existing Mall facilities. Don’t ask me what the missing £70m or so that I’ve not identified here is for. I think they’re all rubber numbers anyway!

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