Is it ‘legal’?

We spotted this vehicle with just under half its rear wheel in the ‘permits-only’ section of the A30 service road.  The rest of the vehicle – obviously – was in the ‘permits or 30-mins’ section.  Will it get a penalty notice stuck on its windscreen?



2 thoughts on “Is it ‘legal’?

  1. A week after passing my driving test (Sept 1995), I gave my 80+ yr old nan a lift to Aldershot. I parked at the end of a 30 minute bay with all four wheels well inside the lines, but with literally 2 inches of rear bumper overhanging a permit only area. I left the vehicle to buy a Cherry Coke and when I returned, my nan had returned from the bank and was arguing with a traffic warden who had slapped me with my first parking ticket.He must have emerged from a drain or floated in via parachute or something as I never saw him approach the car. This is the only time I’ve ever had a roadside ticket, so I’d say the vehicle in your picture was treading in thin ice! Twenty years on and I’m still fuming….

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