No Personal Protective Equipment

This is an unremarkable photograph of the scaffolding being erected at the end of the former Siemens building in Camberley’s Knoll Road.  Unfortunately, you can’t HEAR what drew our attention:  while we were looking at the scaffolders a lady with a powerful voice told them off for not wearing hard hats or safety harnesses.


We don’t know that safety harnesses are always practical for scaffolders, but hard hats are.  (As an aside, years ago we used to deal with scaffolders, and we decided that some of them just like living dangerously!!  Happily, the trend in accidents amongst scaffolders appears to be downwards.)



4 thoughts on “No Personal Protective Equipment

    • The ‘no hat, no boots, no work’ philosophy. I’m very familiar with the attitude that PPE is for ‘sissies’, but I’ve never understood it. Most people only have one body, and you’d expect them to look after it to excess.

  1. I live and work in Vietnam. Some workers climbed up on our office roof, no hats, no harness, no safety of any kind. We tried to insist on scaffolding and safety equipment. They did not listen. A few hours later one man fell, his head landing on an iron railing. Unsurprisingly, and tragically, he died within minutes. There is absolutely no excuse in the UK for well educated and trained people to NOT abide by safety precautions. If we do not lead by example, what hope do developing countries have of learning from the mistakes we already made decades ago?

    • I used to live and work in the Middle East, Richard. In what you might call a developing country. There was a ‘fatalistic’ attitude to safety precautions in the local workforce; part of the overall attitude to life. So I know what you mean.

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