The council doesn’t make key decisions – that’s official!

We were rather surprised to find this admission on the borough council’s own website:

Council doesn't make decisions

The final sentence seems clear enough….

Actually, to be fair, the council is being quite consistent. At the time of writing (26th September) the council hasn’t done anything newsworthy for over three weeks. Check for yourself –

(Of course, we don’t really mean what we’ve written. No doubt there are good explanations for everything. But a really slick organisation wouldn’t leave itself vulnerable to such cheap criticisms.)


2 thoughts on “The council doesn’t make key decisions – that’s official!

    • I’m not sure that I agree, Bob. The council officers are paid to do a job so, by definition, they’re professionals. And I’d expect them to eg decide how best to handle domestic waste and recycling collection. Also, councillors, (overlooking the fact that they do get paid a bit) have to decide whether to spend our council tax on option x or option y, even though they’re not professionals. Or, maybe it all depends where the dividing line between strategy and decisions is drawn.

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