Prior End again

It was a couple of years ago that we wrote about what we calculated were eleven planning applications affecting the same two properties in Prior End, just off the Portsmouth Road (


And now, a twelfth application has been submitted.  This applies to just one of the houses – the one that appears to be derelict, and where the fire brigade had to extinguish a fire only a few weeks ago.  The application is for “Erection of two x 5-bed and one x 4-bed detached dwelling and associated hard-standing following demolition of existing property.” 

Will it succeed where the other applications have failed?  We shall see.


11 thoughts on “Prior End again

  1. I imagine it will sit there derelict for several years like most other places needing regeneration seem to do. There will be a few local objections that slow the process up for a year or two at least (but make no difference in the end) and the SHBC will work at a snails pace. Take the example of Pembroke House at the end of the parade on Frimley Road as a classic example. Some local objections organised mainly by Harry of Camberley Stores (who has now sold up and moved on!) mean we have had another two years of complete eyesore… bringing the total up to perhaps 16 years or even more with this derelict eyesore building? Pretty shameful of SHBC who own that land. There are so many other examples locally.

  2. Totally agree Footsoldier.. Pembroke House drives me mad every time I drive by it to the Butchers and Fishmongers . Even a car park would bring in some revenue?!And then there is the eyesore house on Gordon Road next to the lovely town houses. I reckon this total shell of a house has been derelict for over 20 years! Would dearly love SHBC to explain the situation re all of these eyesores. And the huge one on the Fairway near Ravenscote … Could go on and on!

  3. Thanks David… Have read this and if I am correct rule no 6 rules out any commonsense as any investment needed to make these useless eyesores habitable would only benefit the owner? Please tell me I am wrong!

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