County Council’s anti-bus poster campaign

This poster appeared on the bus shelter at the front of Camberley’s Atrium.  It urges people to walk or cycle.  From the small print at the bottom, it seems that the county council is responsible for putting the poster there, so the only possible interpretation seems to be that the council doesn’t want people to catch a bus.

P1120686bDoes the council think things through as well as it should?



2 thoughts on “County Council’s anti-bus poster campaign

  1. The new Waitrose between Bagshot and Camberley on the A30 is causing bad traffic hold up going towards Canberley.
    Every late afternoon /evening I am at least fifteen minutes in traffic as I approach the Waitrose. Then it’s clear.
    Do they need to address the single file admission of traffic into their store ?

  2. Kathy, the county council is aware of problems with traffic lights in a couple of places. See
    Whether ‘is aware of’ is the same thing as ‘solving’, is an interesting debate!

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