One of the biggest UK town centre regeneration projects

Sadly, our headline is nothing to do with Camberley.  It’s taken from a recent advertisement for The Lexicon, in Bracknell.

The following article is copied from September’s  ‘Retail Week – Property’:

Bracknell development

What’s more depressing, work to regenerate Bracknell is well-underway.  Camberley’s own regeneration doesn’t seem to have got much further than the paper stage.  And paper often ends up in the shredder…..

(A few local websites have already commented on the Bracknell development.  But we think there’s some additional information in the article above )


9 thoughts on “One of the biggest UK town centre regeneration projects

  1. Camberley is rapidly become a third rate and last choice retail town.
    Unfortunately the one party status at Knoll Rd guarantees complacency when it comes to planning and development.

    Whoever the idiot was who came up with the Top 100 town statement should be exposed because words do nothing, how about some action.

    On a different matter , surprised there are no photos of the VW garage:-) or interviews with the sales peeps as they digest the enormity of the disclosures this week.

    • I can’t prove it, Emil, but I suspect that the first organisation to refer to ‘top 100’ was actually the agent representing the mall. It wouldn’t be surprising if they hyped the regeneration scheme to ‘sell’ it, and the council swallowed the hype without question. (Somewhere, I’ve seen some evidence to support this theory…)

  2. David,

    I hope that all our (SHBC) councillors are on your mailing list!? Our lot just seem to stand and talk about doing something …. never actually doing it.

    Ian McLaughlin St Georges Crt

    PS would you mind giving me a call? At St Georges Crt we are having an important meeting with our insurer (Premier Guarantee) and Weston Homes (the Developer at St Georges Crt) on Monday. We are having difficulty finding proper ‘help’ for this meeting. SHBC have refused to help us. Weston Homes broke multiple Building Regulations and ignored many Planning Conditions …. You commented on the scaffolding etc at St Georges Crt earlier … I have the full story!?

    Ian McLaughlin Director, St Georges Crt Camberley Management Ltd. Mobile: 07816 924781

  3. There is not one retail business that has any faith in SHBC or belief in their plans, plans that actually need private investment and that is just not forthcoming,for Camberley at least.
    If hot air fuelled the local economy we’d all be multi millionaires!

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