Vickery’s accepts defeat?

Quite a while ago we commented that the Vickery’s sign in the window of the former Bensons for Beds shop in Camberley’s High Street was ‘optimistic’.  ‘SOLD stc [subject to contract]’ in our view means ‘NOT SOLD’.

P1110771Anyway, the sign has now been ‘amended’.


It looks like the shop is going to stay empty and scruffy for some time to come.



7 thoughts on “Vickery’s accepts defeat?

  1. This part of the town is a dead zone,… low footfall and even worse since Allders pulled the plug on Camberley…..and always patrolled by the money grabbing parking stasi ..and then you turn left onto the beautiful A30 frontage..wake up SHBC do something

  2. SHBC does have a Plan A. But Plan A isn’t doing very well, and there doesn’t appear to be a Plan B. And simple things like keeping traffic out of the High Street at busy times are clearly beyond the council’s abilities. (If not, the council would have done it years ago.)

  3. They (SHBC) are hopeless and they are relegating Camberley very fast to the lowest division of desireability on many levels. One day the local population will wake up and realize by voting in a one state party , you end up with an utterly unambitious, un imaginative and do nothing group of councilors.

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