No late night access to the council offices

We THINK this sign in St George’s Road refers to Knoll Road.  In which case, there’ll be no late-night working in the council offices for a few days.  (Is there EVER any late-night working there?)



4 thoughts on “No late night access to the council offices

  1. If work starts 18/09/15 for three nights and this sign says Monday to Friday only it makes no sense at all considering 18/09 is Friday and three days covers Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Unbelievable, or gave I missed something?

    • I had the same thoughts, Helene. I eventually decided that the road is closed on the nights of Friday, Monday and Tuesday. But as a means of conveying useful information quickly, the notice is an utter failure. Sadly, I’ve reached the point where I don’t expect anything better. Inevitably I blame ‘management’ rather than the workforce for the poor standards.

  2. We should celebrate that the work is finished before 7.30am. This is when ALL the lights come on in the Council Offices so presumably, all the staff are working at this time. Why else would they be burning energy at our expense?

  3. Doesn’t it give you a warm glow of satisfaction?? (I realised my remark about no late night working was a bit unfair – council committees and their support staff work in the evenings, of course. But I’m not sure that there’s much voluntary late night working at desks to get the job done. Perhaps there is?)

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