Water, water, everywhere…

Well, no, not everywhere.  But we’ve been wondering for a while about these four water pipes sticking up slap bang in the doorway beside the former cycle shop in Camberley’s Park Street.


Anyway, devotees of excavations might be interest to see that work is underway.  It looks like a new door has been fitted – but those water pipes are still there.



2 thoughts on “Water, water, everywhere…

  1. Classic example of poor British planning.

    What No common service tunnels under Camberley ?
    I suspect that is the reason LA re avoiding the High Street.
    Victorian pumping no doubt.

    Random service providers and lack of motivated community coordination. Planning.
    Romans (those that built straight roads) where happy to invest for the longer term.

    • ‘Planning’? On the one hand we don’t have enough of it. On the other, centrally-planned economies don’t seem to do so well. The challenge is to exploit its benefits without triggering its disadvantages?

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