Eye’s right!

In the small hours today, we suggested that the borough council’s plans for ice-skating in the London Road Recreation Ground this winter would be abandoned.  What we wrote was: “..we’re beginning to wonder whether the planned ice rink this winter will actually materialise.  Local residents have been somewhat ‘sensitised’ to the topic…and they’re likely to scrutinise any proposal pretty closely.”

According to Cllr Paul Deach a few minutes ago: “Disappointing news from Surrey Heath Borough Council: Following initial research and market testing around the London Road Christmas Ice Rink, Surrey Heath Borough Council has decided to re-schedule the first event to December 2016 when it will feature as part of a wider and more coordinated approach to Christmas activity in Camberley..”


For many people, though not perhaps those living near the recreation ground, this IS disappointing news.  There was a lot of enthusiasm for the concept of a local ice skating rink.  So we give the borough council high marks for the idea, but very low marks for its implementation.


7 thoughts on “Eye’s right!

  1. Maybe I’m being over cynical but it does seem that SHBC spend an inordinate amount of time planning what it might do but very little time actually implementing those plans….. Its getting now that I shudder every time I drive down/up the A30 and look at those derelict shops and properties and consider “that’s what non residents will think of Camberley”. Ah well, I’ll put my skates away, I only ever fall over any way.

    • An ice rink at Christmas is a fantastic idea but it needs to be planned in conjunction with all the businesses in Camberley to make it a success for all.
      The SHBC Business Development Officer (?) has apparently been planning this but once again that person and the council seems to have zero ability in the commercial world , when will they, or the councillors, seek help from people who know what they are talking about …… never seems to be the answer.
      Collectively Camberley do an O.K. job but even there it seems that there is political manoeuvring amongst their board as well regarding activities.

    • I suspect that the local retailes are generally dead against the idea. It would take people and trade away from the town centre; the shops don’t have the staff or resources to operate stalls around the ice-rink, and, as Christmas is the key time of year for most of them, they’re not going to deplete their permanent shops of staff.

  2. Well that is disappointing. SHBC seem to have no clue what it is doing. We need keep on top of them to ensure that this plan does not simply disappear.

    • I’m always cautious about criticising the council, Steve, as it handles other things besides planning and car parking – where there IS room for improvement. But its failure to manage the implementation of a temporary ice-skating rink doesn’t bode well for its ability to manage the redevelopment of parts of the town.

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