More flats coming to Camberley

A little while ago we mentioned the damage done to the flower displays outside Marlborough House in Park Street.  This time, we’re mentioning Marlborough House itself.  There is now “a proposed change of use of first and second floors from offices (Class B1a) use to a use falling within Class C3 (dwelling house) use comprising the conversion to provide 4 one bedroom flats, 2 two bedroom flats and 2 one bedroom bed sits.”


As long as there’s not an issue over parking or traffic, we imagine that the application will be approved.


6 thoughts on “More flats coming to Camberley

  1. This is getting silly now. There is a lack of office space in the town, and everywhere you look new flats are popping up, with no similar expansion to any of the facilities such as schools or doctors surgeries. Once again the council is sleepwalking.

    • Lack of office space!? There is LOADS of office space in the town centre, too much of it if you ask me. Entire office buildings empty for years.

      Now if you had said that there isn’t enough small office space I would whole heartedly agree with you. I’ve been trying to move my small company back to Camberley (where I live) for 2 years now but haven’t found anything usable.

      I’m reliably told that it’s more cost effective for landlords to have a completely empty building (where they can claim on “empty building” insurance) than rent a corner of it out to a company. I can see their point. I don’t like it but I can see it 🙂

      • That’s an interesting slant on things, Dogsbody. You obviously know what you’re talking about re small offices, though it surprises me a little.

    • And I’ll be posting an item about yet more flats in a few days’ time. But you highlight the limitations of the council’s plans when it comes to doctors; the council can make statements like a ‘top 100 town’, but setting up an extra GP surgery is way beyond its powers. We have to muddle along and rely on market forces, for better or worse.

    • You’re right there, Dominic. Lots of empty offices – Ashwood House has been untenanted since Nokia left umpteen years ago. No tenant could be found for the former Siemens building in Knoll Road – now one of those buildings being converted to other uses.

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