Judge the county council’s competence for yourself

Recently, this official notice appeared in the local paper:

Frimley Road traffic restrictionb

The first thing that strikes us is that it refers to traffic travelling west on the Frimley Road.  We reckon that the Frimley Road is more of a north-south road than one that goes east-west.  However, to be fair, the notice refers to Lyon Way, and near there the Frimley Road – the B3411 –  lies somewhere between the two directions, as this map shows.

Frimley Rd

But, hang on, the reference to traffic heading west must – surely – mean traffic heading TOWARDS the A30?  In which case, Lyon Way is on the LEFT.  A ban on traffic turning RIGHT into Lyon Way therefore seems meaningless.

And another thing.  Though the heading of the notice refers to the Frimley Road as being the B3411, the text refers (incorrectly, we suspect) to the B2411.  So it looks like SCC has got TWO things wrong in one short notice.

Does this matter?  Of course, not.  We all make mistakes.  But then we recall that it’s the county council that’s behind the shambolic road-widening project outside Frimley Park Hospital, and we begin to wonder whether incompetence runs deep.  And then we remember that the county council a few years ago wrote about Surrey Heath’s long boundary with the Thames.  At which point we ask ourselves whether the county council has any interest in our part of the county at all.



8 thoughts on “Judge the county council’s competence for yourself

  1. COMPLETLEY INCOMPETENT..as proven year in year out, and AGREE this part of Surrey gets a very secondary investment . recall Red Rd roundabout debacle , the horrid state of the speed humps on Chobham Rd and in many other locations. Mind you SHBC used to have a Cllr who I believe was supposed to represent local traffic interests but all he was bothered about was residential parking around the hospital…useless. Council tax for most properties will amount to over £20000 per house over 10 years..a staggering contribution of which these road and planning disasters gobble up huge chunks. Taxpayer once again paying for too much incompetence.

  2. Did anyone see Dennis Fuller’s letter in the News and Mail yesterday.? Says it all! I feel the need to email Mr Gove.

  3. The topic and tone was far reaching but what struck me most of all was that Surrey has one of the most thriving economies in the UK and yet we receive probably the lowest funding from the government.. Google it and you can check it out! Also I would suggest you buy the News and Mail each week to keep up to speed Mike .. I am on social media which is great but the News and Mail really does try to keep in touch with local people ……. And the letters reflect …

  4. Thank you Shirley. An important topic.
    Citizen representation in the South East of England. SEEUK

    I wrote to our [then] potential M.P. Michael Gove before this election and 5 years before, asking the question of why the largest and most profitable UK constituency, the South East of England, has no coordinated voice in either Brussels or London.

    Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have their own strong lobby. They use it.
    They all combined, are still smaller than The SEE.
    Regions have an identity and they shout louder. It works.

    Greater London for example has the mayor and Town Hall with over 600 staff.

    To the Labour Parties eternal shame
    They are to blame. They undermined and eroded the UK with poorly considered devolution, with their efforts to hold office. They left those in the South East with a confused regional image.

    The result.
    A lack of resources, political, services and police when compared to similar population and earning power. SEE originally had an office over a Fish shop in Guildford. That too was also closed by Labour

    With the Cat out of the Bag, and self interest driving the regions already devolved, our best approach is to merge English Parliamentary MP constituency boundary to align with the UK EU MEPs. Then reduce the headcount of those representing [60M] UK citizens to less than 600 MP.

    The sums work quite well 🙂

    The SEE population of ~9M would see us with 15% or 90 heads.
    Scotland has a population of ~5M. QED

    The problem for MP’s
    The request is very like asking Turkeys.. to vote for Christmas.

  5. The M3 is often referred to in terms of “northbound” or “southbound”. I know it ends up on the south coast at a point further south than it starts, but I can’t help thinking that really it’s an east-west motorway, especially through Camberley.

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