Our hopes of a new service road seem dashed

Six weeks or so ago we commented on the demolition of the very derelict former Hoover Spares building in Bissingen Way. http://wp.me/p3Dlu2-1Hb

Before that, we described the borough council’s plans of fifteen years ago to create a new service road to give rear access to the shops on the east side of the High Street .http://wp.me/p3Dlu2-1Gx


We had hoped that knocking down the building was a step towards the creation of the new service road.  But, it would seem not.  Railings have appeared around part of the cleared site – and they look fairly permanent, not something that would be erected temporarily while construction work was carried out.


6 thoughts on “Our hopes of a new service road seem dashed

  1. Does anybody know why they are there? I noticed them the other week and thought it odd. Is their an underground structure below that area, that couldn’t take the weight of a parked car?

  2. Dominic
    You could be right, [baring in mind that SHBC bought the old Hover building] it is an expensive toddler pen. Considering it is located where the Camberley Town Centre plan clearly intended to extend the North [East] Service Road along and behind the High Street.

    A thought
    In fact, now that SHBC/SCC have the rear service access.. Why not close the High Street !?Z
    Pedestrians only 🙂

  3. Cars used to park in front of the Hoover Spares building, so – though I’ve not dug out the photos to work out exactly where that is/was, I suspect that it was partly inside that ‘toddler pen’ (nice description. But I’m getting weary of the ‘pedestrianise the High Street’ saga. The council is clearly going to do nothing in my lifetime. Uncertainty over the future of the London Road Block (I’ve a nasty feeling that the future isn’t actually uncertain at all) is a wonderful excuse for doing nothing. Not even experimenting to see whether it could be a success or not.. Rather than upset a few retailers now, the council seems to prefer to let the whole road degenerate. As a long-term strategy, that stinks.

  4. We were told by the workmen putting the railings up in Bissingen Way that the site was owned by Surrey County Council that they were there to prevent occupation by Travellers

    • Unless there’s been a confidential ‘deal’ between the borough and county councils, John (and that’s always a possibility), the workmen are almost certainly confusing the two councils. This wouldn’t be surprising – residents often make the same mistake. But have a look at http://wp.me/p3Dlu2-18y, when I reported that the BOROUGH council was considering acquiring the site. I don’t think I’ve seen anything in black and white to confirm that the acquisition actually took place, but my guess is that it did.
      The idea that the railings are to prevent travellers is interesting. But it looks as if the railings surround only part of the site, which is a bit odd.

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