Still no exciting arrival in the Atrium

It doesn’t seem anything like as long as three months since we commented on the failure of an ‘exciting new arrival’ in the Atrium.  But it is.

The window poster that we commented on at that time has been replaced by a much more generic ‘banner poster’.  It’s been there a week or more, and it looks good – but it doesn’t promise ANY arrival, let-alone an exciting one.  What a disappointment.



5 thoughts on “Still no exciting arrival in the Atrium

  1. I can only presume the council and camberley retail association are all on holiday at the moment, because they need to get their act together and start drawing new restaurants and businesses to camberley. They also need to fire the team who are behind the regeneration and appoint a new one, who will get this done, otherwise I fear Camberley will become nothing more than a commuter town with nothing of its own.

  2. Sorry Steve, I’m afraid the council doesn’t fire people. Its the same old faces who have been there for the last 15 years. There’s no threat of losing one’s job if you don’t perform, so why perform.

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