The Car Show and a traffic-free High Street – two questions and an action

From what we’ve read in the last day or so, LOTS of people enjoyed strolling along Camberley’s High Street on Saturday without having to dodge in and out of traffic.  Who wouldn’t want to do that more often?


We’ve been banging on about pedestrianising the High Street for more years than we care to remember.  Not total pedestrianisation – but, for example, at those times when there are plenty of shoppers, with push-chairs and children, about.

The borough council has been promising improvements in the High Street’s pedestrian environment for at least fifteen years.  Yet it’s done virtually nothing.  (Some would argue that it’s done nothing at all.)  So is this the time for the residents – whom the council is suppose to serve – to apply pressure to get something done?

If you support the idea, spread the word about, and maybe – just maybe – we’ll persuade the council to get off its corporate bottom.  Otherwise, we’ll be stuck with traffic in the High Street for another fifteen years.



10 thoughts on “The Car Show and a traffic-free High Street – two questions and an action

  1. Personally, what keeps me, and many others I suspect, away from the town centre is less the current High Street and much more a lack of short-term free or cheap parking. That, together with the Council’s aggressive and over-zealous issuing of Penalty Charge Notices makes Camberley somewhere to be avoided. Attract people back with the first 30 minutes free (or 50p) to park in the car parks and then it might be worth thinking about pedestrianising the High Street.

    • Thanks, Helene. I take your point, but plenty of people do come to Camberley at peak times. Make the High Street more attractive, and it seem likely that more people will come. I did carry out a survey one Saturday afternoon and the majority of shoppers said that they’d prefer the High Street to be traffic-free.

  2. Car show was brilliant and my first time there … Buzzing and the weather was kind and guess all the pubs and eating places were well pleased. LETS KEEP THE HIGH STREET TRAFFIC FREE FOR MOST OF THE DAY
    It is beyond me why the Council cannot see sense on this issue….. ,? Look forward to your comments…Councillors!

  3. Thought. Might there be conflict of interest ? Not Mall owned !
    Would vibrant High Street attract clients away from the Atrium

  4. The main thing that puts me off going into Camberley is the A30. From the junction by Aldi in Blackwater, past the Meadows and on up to the town itself can often be solid traffic all the way at the weekend. And getting back out of the town is just as bad: it took me 30 minutes the other week to get from the Atrium car park to Blackwater. It’s probably only going to get worse with the roadworks. I usually go to Farnborough or Fleet instead because the roads via Southwood are much clearer. Also the parking is less congested and cheaper.

    • Alex has of course indentified why outsiders avoid Our Town.
      Please find suggestion to SHBC and SCC.

      (Today) the A30 can’t handle the volume and mix of local and through traffic.
      Will the upgrade plans be enough… ?

      RMA Camberley could be encouraged to release land on their Southern boundary, providing room to support new East/West dual carriageway, to serve RMAC access and North of the town only. Bypass the town.

      A throughroad to free-up Camberley for those that want to visit.

      Perhaps also reserve land for low rise parking North of the A30 and town.

      • Mike, the RMA will ‘never’ give up that land. And if they sold it, the price would be very high. (I’m pretty sure that this was said in public a few weeks ago.)

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