Camberley Car Show – not shown

Whenever there’s a major event on in Camberley, we run for cover!  There are better photographers with better cameras covering everything, and we can’t compete.  So we don’t even try.

Instead, we’ll use this picture of a car show poster to say how nice the flowers look in Camberley.  The borough council and Collectively Camberley do a good job.


We’ll be back once the car show is over….


3 thoughts on “Camberley Car Show – not shown

  1. It`s Collectively Camberley that organized the Car Show and who put the flowers in the town every year so we should thank them a lot for what they are doing for our town!

  2. We’ve just spent a couple of hours looking round. You should leave your camera behind and just enjoy yourself, David. Fantastic cars, nostalgia, people enjoying themselves, and sunshine as a bonus. For £40 to charity you could have a 20-minute ride in a Lamborghini or Ferrari!

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