PrePay parking – the secret is out!

Previously, we suggested that the borough council hasn’t given enough publicity to its new prepay parking scheme.  But, we now eat our words.  This sign has appeared near Knoll Road car park, revealing all.

P1120591b P1120592b

What’s more, just after we wrote this item, we saw an article about the new parking system in the local newspaper.  The secret is definitely out!

(We’re far from sure that the new system will be a success.  A down-payment of £25 might put people off.  But we’re always urging the borough council to try new things, so we’re in favour of the new initiative.)


4 thoughts on “PrePay parking – the secret is out!

  1. £25 minimum payment and £1.60 every time you want to stop by the town for a quick errand. I think the BC is entirely missing the point. The car parks are quite frankly inefficient and depressing. why do I have to pay for a minimum 2 hours if I want to stop for 10 mins to pick up a couple of things. I shall continue to shop elsewhere until someone in the council gets a grip of reality – and thats despite my living in Camberley. Farnborough is either 40p or 50p for an hour or even free if you buy something at the Sainsburys. Range of shops quite reasonable. Aldershot even have a 15 minutes option for 20p. Camberley you have to pay £1.60 minimum.

    • £25 will certainly make me think twice. Though I disagree with you re Main Square car park itself. The stairs and pedestrian access are depressing, but for drivers it’s not bad at all. I visit quite a few car parks where the pillars and corners bear the scars of numerous scrapes. You don’t see the same thing in Main Square – it’s well designed from that point of view. (Note, ‘well designed’ and ‘well managed’ aren’t the same thing…)

  2. Who on earth constructed that poster? But more importantly, who approved it?

    Honestly, white writing on light blue and green background? Seriously? Unless of course it was by design that they wanted to make it hard to read.

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