Blacks leaving Camberley

We’ve previously commented that the Blacks sign over their doorway in Camberley’s High Street boasted that the company was ‘erts’.  Since then, the ‘O’ of ‘outdoor’ has slipped as well.


We can now guess why there’s been a lack of maintenance.  The shop is closing down.  We can only hope that all the staff affected find new jobs pretty soon.

The council’s stated ambition of turning Camberley into a top 100 retail destination in the next few years is starting to look very hollow.  Indeed, we suspect that the idea has been quietly buried already.  However, it really shouldn’t have seen the light of day in the first place.  (We suspect that the idea was actually suggested by agents working for The Mall, and that the council echoed it without thinking carefully enough first.)


4 thoughts on “Blacks leaving Camberley

  1. Blacks is closing down that is correct yes. but this store is not closing down it is being changed over to a millets. both blacks and millets are owned by jd sports and so we are just having a change of facier and products will change slightly. blacks have decided to pull blacks out of camberley as it is no longer making a profit. i know this as i will be the manager as of the end of this month and all staff jobs are safe. us as blacks staff are all changing over to millets staff. so we can still provide great customer service.

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