A follow-up to Gemma’s comment yesterday…

Yesterday, Gemma put a comment on this blog in which she quoted a statement from the borough council about the redevelopment of Camberley’s ‘London Road Block’.  This seemed to support the view expressed here recently that the project is in a state of flux, with progress slower than previously projected.

Current Mall interestPreview

We can add to this.  At the moment, the ‘owners’ of The Mall appear to have a two-phase development in mind.  The area enclosed by the red line in this diagram seems to be under active consideration, but development of the area enclosed by the green line is ‘just’ [our wording] an aspiration.

It’s slightly ironic that we suggested a two-phase scheme years ago, albeit a different one.  We regarded – and still do – the upgrading of the A30 frontage as the priority, so we proposed that this should proceed without waiting for the redevelopment of the whole site.  As we recall, we had our knuckles rapped gently – ‘commercially, only doing everything at the same time would make sense’.  And yet….

Let’s hope the red-lined area gets the green light soon.  It would still leave room for a ‘new Arena’ on the rest of the site!!

ADDENDUM.  We should also have said that the anticipated anchor store seems likely to be about half the size of the current Allders building. Not enormous…


6 thoughts on “A follow-up to Gemma’s comment yesterday…

  1. The “London Road Block” green light [in fact any movement] would be very good for Camberley.

    Dare I say..
    The area that SHBC/SCC have most control over, and most pressing obligation to the residents and retailers… is the High Street.

    An immediate community [SHBC] investment and upgrade would provide the catalyst for our Town. Copy the West side blueprint, close it off and make it pedestrian safe / human friendly.

    • If only. It’s been talked about for so many years. A smarter high street would be a magnet for other improvements. It beats me why the council is – apparently – spending time and money on Ashwood House, when the High Street is a much higher priority.

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