This sounds a bit biblical

No, nothing to do with the very hairs on your head being numbered.  But, as of a few weeks ago, most of the posts of various sorts in the town HAVE been numbered.  Why?


And this is how the numbers were applied…



6 thoughts on “This sounds a bit biblical

  1. I’ve noticed this too – on illuminated bollards as well as other ‘street furniture’. each number is unique and I wondered how much of our money SCC is paying out for this exercise. Someone, somewhere is getting very rich ………..

  2. I understand that all councils are required to produce an “asset register”, who knows maybe even posts and bollards constitute an asset and this is the way of recording them – if that’s true the act of recording them and registering them must cost more than the asset! But maybe they are more like Motorway posts – designed to be location identifiers.

  3. It looks like more cable ties. The problem with them is that when the notice is finished with, it is ripped off and the ties are usually left in place, often at eye height to cause a hazard(look along the London Road)

    • You’re so right, Roger. There’s a lamp-post in Park Street that has fourteen clips or cable ties of one sort or another on it. There’s obviously no provision for removing them when they’re finished with. (Anyone who thinks I’m a sad soul for going round counting things on lamp-posts has a good point!)

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