Riddle of the white line is solved!

A little while ago we posted an item about a white line that had appeared in THAT service road alongside the A30 in Camberley http://wp.me/p3Dlu2-1Js

You can see the line in this photo – the blue car is parked across it.


At long, long last, the county council has reduced the quite unnecessarily large number of permit-only spaces that it created nearly two years ago.  You can just about make out that the sign behind the car shows that the road is permit-only to the left, and permit or 30mins parking to the right.


Cunningly, a number of ‘permit-only’ signs have been removed from their posts, but the posts have been left where they were.  What was that about reducing street clutter?


9 thoughts on “Riddle of the white line is solved!

  1. A cunning plan indeed Baldrick… err I mean Eye 🙂 Maybe SCC finally stopped using Mr Bean as a highly paid “consultant”?

    • No doubt, seen from SCC’s side of the fence, they’re doing the best they can under difficult circumstances. It’s just that, from OUR side of the fence, there’s lots of room for improvement. But it’s good to know they’re not relying on Mr Bean any longer!

  2. Just another reason for avoiding Camberley town centre due to their Homer Simpson like parking strategy. The council put these ridiculous parking measures in place without warning. They then raked in a huge amount of money on fines – for resident only spaces that nobody was ever using they eventually after much complaint revert to similar to the starting condition without warning. Comment from council throughout this whole ‘debate’ – zero / nothing / nada. What a surprise – just plain ignorance and not one hint of apology for their complete screw up / lack of judgement. I know two people that have been shafted for cash by the council for this shoddy situation – and they never got any money back. Congrats to SHBC for quality display of complete ineptitude and ignorance.

  3. Feeling unappreciated, Surely not, Eye ? The Camberley Eye is the ONLY blog that I read regularly… SCC / SHBC should PAY You for the Vital Service you perform on their behalf!

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