Charge your car at the old granary!

The old granary at the corner of Knoll Road and Portesbery Road in Camberley has seen some changes in its lifetime.  The latest that we know about is that it boasts a charging point for electric vehicles.  But, contrary to the title of this item, it’s not for public use, we imagine.




4 thoughts on “Charge your car at the old granary!

  1. 3am ?? As the CamberleyEye is apparently one of a pair attached to a night owl, We expect, nay, demand! that more nocturnal images are posted! These Granary photographs strongly appear to have been taken during daytime! The only question is, bearing in mind the colourful road painting art… how does one use the vehicle charging point without attracting the attention of our fine young Traffic Warden?

    • Oh, surely you mean ‘Parking Enforcement Officer’? ‘Traffic Warden’, indeed!

      And the Eye’s photo’s are taken with a very powerful telephoto lens from somewhere near Delhi. So they’re really late breakfast-time photos.

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