Who’s surveying Camberley – and why?

It appears that the centre of Camberley is being surveyed. Diagrams like this were posted around the town some days ago.  But we’ve not found any explanation for it.  Would the public take a greater interest in the town if we were told what’s happening?  Does it matter?

P1120456b IMG_7780b



6 thoughts on “Who’s surveying Camberley – and why?

    • I totally agree with you, Shirley. The author clearly lacks good manners. I believe the diagrams may be for 3D camera alignment purposes. As they mention no name nor clue as to what authority they have to issue Commands or Orders, I think some concerned citizens “could” remove that litter and place it in a nearby bin provided for the purpose by SHBC at our expense. That is, if the next rain shower does not further remove the (non-) sticky tape so that they fall down anyway.

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