While we’re talking about bushes in unexpected places

Can someone help us?  Is this bush shown high on the Atrium building the result of some deliberate planting, or is it a windblown seedling that’s managed to survive and grow?

P1120209 P1120086


3 thoughts on “While we’re talking about bushes in unexpected places

  1. Umm… Eye, Have you seen your Optician recently? That’s not a bush… It’s a small TREE!! What will happen when it grows more and reaches the roof, I wonder? We could run a sweepstakes: Find N People – Charge £1 / ticket : Pick from: It veers left, right, outward, or the roots break up the wall, it gets removed, a contractor arrives and saws it into little pieces then sets fire to the remains using petrol and a leaf blower causing uproar on Town Residents’ Forum, Owner may or may not have obtained TPA permission as nobody quite knows who is responsible for what in Town ward, Neighbour meets building owner and uproar is marked RESOLVED but people continue posting suggestions, Tree branches head towards hi-tech street lamp then plucks lamp from ground and eats it, BBC TV fiction series “War of the Trees” about lamp-eating-trees causes widespread panic when viewers believe it is a News program… I think N=12 so far? That’s at least £12 for the winner, or as a donation to a rest home for abandoned trees charity 😉 Unless anybody has more ideas for what could happen to the dear little tree…

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