It’s about time we praised a local council….

A little while ago we reported on the county council website that part of Castle Road was sinking!


Quite promptly, the council filled the hole – though we still don’t know why it appeared – and e-mailed us on the day the work was completed to tell us that the job had been done.  Good stuff for a change!


4 thoughts on “It’s about time we praised a local council….

    • Thanks Trish. I promise you, it’s not my intention to criticise either council. But if they don’t perform adequately – and I’m a taxpayer, after all – I don’t see why this shouldn’t be pointed out. However, it’s easy to take it for granted when council services DO work properly, so I try to comment when this happens too.

  1. Good news for a change. I find that if you report problems on you seem to get quick responses and actions.

    • Thanks Steve. I noticed that ‘that streetlight’ in Park Street – the one outside Pizza Express that’s been on continuously since before Christmas – was off this morning. I’m tempted to go into Camberley after dark just to see if it’s died or is now working properly. Maybe reporting it on fixmystreet would have been better than reporting it on the council’s own website.

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