Parts of Main Square car park ARE closed off for cleaning


Traffic within the car park was a bit confused yesterday, as it had to drive the ‘wrong way’ up the building.  Things weren’t helped by the fact that a sign near the exit ramp from level 3A had blown round in the wind, and it pointed in totally the wrong direction for the exit.  But that’s par for the course…


8 thoughts on “Parts of Main Square car park ARE closed off for cleaning

  1. Anything to do with parking in Camberley is always a complete nightmare , it is the single reason I and many others don’t go near the town. The SHBC parking department needs to shape/wake up or ship out. Their customer service level is rock bottom.

  2. So 10.45 a.m. on Thursday morning and seemingly no apparent work going on and it’s the last day of chaos with more than half the car park not in use.
    Operators are using cold water, no equipment to reach the higher areas that need cleaning and the company employed do not get here to at least 10 o’clock.
    What on earth goes on in SHBC car parks office in Knoll Road , certainly cheap is the mantra and as we know you get what you pay for- meanwhile the shops suffer with less shoppers and lots of moans from those that do venture into the town.
    It’s time someone with a brain took over the car parks , PlEASE !

  3. So ,the SHBC website says the cleaning work was finished last Thursday, the 23rd July.
    The cleaners ( eventually) arrived Friday to do more work and today …well , lots of areas cordoned off , no cleaners arrived and it’s 10.30 a.m..
    If any councillor or senior SHBC manager cares to inspect the work then they may want to consider a refund as so many areas show no signs of being cleaned.
    What was the cost of this so caled deep cleaning – £10k , £20k,£30k ?
    And was their a clause in the contract that invokes a penalty as, leaving aside the quality of work done, the work has clearly overrun?
    More chaos and disgruntled shoppers and loss of earnings for shops …..compensation maybe and remuneration for acting as SHBC PR people?
    I’ll not hold my breath!
    The one question that keeps being asked, why not do it at night like any other sensible “business”, to minimise disruption to customers …..but then again the council are not a business but they should at least try and think like one!

    • Well , “pleased” to say the cleaners have just started – 10.55a.m., I guess they’ll be working into the evening to make up for their incredibly late start ??

    • The whole thing is a puzzle. It looked like last week’s exercise was mainly water meeting the ceiling – did it need it? Today, they seem to be brushing the ledges on the cross beams, which do need cleaning. So just maybe they’ll get around to cleaning the floor eventually. How this good in with completion last Thursday, heaven only knows. But the car park IS a business; it’s explicitly run to make money for the council. So inconveniencing the customers unnecessarily is pretty incompetent.

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