“..the premises to be used for provision of on the premises..”

No, the title of this item doesn’t make sense.  But it’s a direct quote from the licensing notice that appeared in Camberley’s Mall recently.

Mall licence noticeRather unhelpfully, the text of the notice doesn’t say very clearly what the licence application is for.  The obvious assumption is that it’s for the supply of alcohol, but it’s actually for permission to hold the following entertainment: ‘plays, films, indoor sporting events, live music, recorded music and performances of dance’.  (The table of start/finish times shown in the notice does mention entertainment, but that’s not the best way of communicating the information.)

Which raises an obvious question.  Some of these entertainment activities have been carried out on The Mall premises for years.  Were they unlicensed – and should they have been licensed?


10 thoughts on ““..the premises to be used for provision of on the premises..”

  1. Similar notices have been posted on the railings around the park in Southwell Park Road – only they are for alcohol as well as music, dancing, films etc. Even worse, the hours they have applied for are 10.00 am until 11.00 pm. Pity the poor residents in the vicinity ……….

      • They mention a a winter event to include a skating rink at the end of December and early January. However, the application is for the park to be a licensed premises, permitting the sale of alcohol from 10.00 am until 11.00 pm 365 days of the year. It seems from the broad scope of the license application that SHBC may wish to use the park to generate income by hiring it out as yet another commercial leisure venue! Is it a good idea to push activities currently constrained by the town centre into a largely residential area? Also, how will it affect those who want to use the park for more traditional recreational purposes when there is a commercial event going on?

      • The scope of the application does seem very wide, Sarah. And, though it might not be the biggest issue, the promise to locate food stalls down-wind when possible is very hollow; the prevailing wind comes from the west, towards houses in Grand Avenue, of course.

  2. The licensing application for the park in grand avenue is a matter of significant and real concern. No consultation has been held with local residents who already suffer regular anti-social behaviour related to youths and others gathering in and outside the park late at night. This needs to be stopped.

    • Of course, ‘sb’, technically, the application is a form of consultation, though very impersonal. You’ll know already that you’ve until 23rd July to object. There are certainly some issues that would cause me concern if I lived near by.

  3. A word of caution. SHBC is coin operated.

    The High Street Night time economy – Wednesday through Sunday morning [03:45], continues to cause considerable distress to Camberley Residents. SHBC decided to ignore the Cumulative Club impact warning from the Police.

    Why ? Night time economy generates revenue.
    SHBC will not put revenue at risk, or spend the money to properly control the impact.

    They have been asked to close the High Street, St Georges Road and Obelisk Way for residents sanity and road safety. They continue to ignore residents – those they claim to represent.

    • There are mixed messages, Mike. When the Cambridge Hotel was granted an extension of licensing hours some months ago, I asked one of our ‘senior policemen’ why the police hadn’t objected. I got a VERY blunt answer, along the lines of the police would have been laughed out of court, as they would have had no grounds for objecting. It doesn’t quite fit with SHBC ignoring the police warning. I imagine you’re right, but the ‘contradiction’ is a puzzle.

  4. Conflicted.. Perhaps extend the hours to out 03:00 so the clients of the high street clubs, the Camberley Hundreds, can move to the park. Issue ears plugs to all.

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