Blackwater Valley Sustainable Transport Package

We discovered at the County Council’s Area Committee meeting on Thursday that an exhibition of plans for sustainable transport serving Watchmoor Park was being held in the business park.  (Many thanks, Cllr Ivison, for the information.)  We gather that pretty much anyone who works in Watchmoor Park will have known about the plans and exhibition already, but that doesn’t include us!

Anyway, for those who are interested, the details can be found here: (for some reason, we had difficulty downloading some of the panels using a Firefox browser, though Chrome worked perfectly).

In fact, a very helpful member of the county council staff who was manning the exhibition said that many of those who worked in the business park seemed to have preferred to access the information – and the accompanying survey – via the internet rather than the visit the two-day exhibition.  This is what they missed:



2 thoughts on “Blackwater Valley Sustainable Transport Package

  1. That guys finger points to the 50mph proposal. Proposal? No, they when ahead and did it last week. Some consultation.

    • Andrew, these things take so long to implement that I forget the facts. But I THINK the speed limit was agreed around a year ago. The information would’ve been in the public domain at the time (Hitchhikers Guide fans may smile at this…) If you Google enthusiastically enough, you may find the reference.

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