Two posts for the price (ie free) of one

Yes, the Eye knows that The Goose pub in Camberley’s High Street has undergone a change of name.  Others have already reported it, and Mike told the Eye about it a couple of days ago (though we wondered whether he was pulling our leg – sorry Mike).  But, as we’ve taken a photo of the new identity ourselves, here it is.  It’s good to see the name ‘Duke of York’ revived,


Our second item is completely unrelated to the first.  It’s a photo taken yesterday from the top of Main Square car park, and it shows a cloudless sky – which is unusual in itself.  In fact, there wasn’t a cloud to be seen in ANY direction.  But the other unusual feature is that every roof vent in The Mall was wide open – letting the heat out as much as possible.  If the weather forecast is to be believed, the same thing will happen again today.



4 thoughts on “Two posts for the price (ie free) of one

  1. Apologies accepted The Eye, will be interesting to see what other changes have taken place internally. To fully reflect the original Duke of York a horse drawn stagecoach would need to be displayed outside can’t see that happening!!!

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