A white line – is this progress at last?

Steve pointed out a few days ago that a white line had appeared on the A30 service road – the infamous permit-only section – in Camberley.  Intrigued, we went to investigate.  He’s right!  There it is, at right-angles to the pavement.  (Strictly, it’s two short white lines, but never mind.)  Well spotted, Steve.



We thought that quite a while ago we’d seen a decision by the county council to reduce the number of permit-only spaces it had designated at the end of 2014.  In which case, this might be what’s happening – though the signs on posts along this stretch of road haven’t changed yet.  Annoyingly, we can’t find any reference to such a decision.  Were we imagining it?



3 thoughts on “A white line – is this progress at last?

  1. It would be interesting to know what the income from the Residents Permits has been compared with the revenue raised from Penalty Notices over the period. I imagine a very considerable difference.

  2. Name checked by the Eye – I’ll be adding that to my CV! My only concern is that if the council do reduce the number of permit spaces; I’ll have one less thing to moan about 😦

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