Estate agent on the move

Normally, estate agents help other people to move.  But this time, Blue House agents at the top of Camberley’s High Street are on the move themselves.



Unless someone replaces Blue House, that end of the High Street will become really depressed.



6 thoughts on “Estate agent on the move

  1. Hope their sales procedures are better than their spelling on the notice.
    Or is this an indication why some house sales take months to complete?

  2. Becomes really depressed is an understatement,the quicker it’s all pulled down & new state of the art premises are built the better. Until this happens there won’t be any pride shown in the town,

    • It’ll be VERY interesting to see who buys it. I can’t find a date on that link you’ve provided – do you know how long the property has been for sale? Many thanks, anyway, for the information.

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