E-cigarettes falling out of favour?

We don’t know the background, but it appears that the relatively new Vanilla Vapes shop at the top of Camberley’s Park Street is being advertised as being available to rent.

Vanilla Vapes


4 thoughts on “E-cigarettes falling out of favour?

  1. Kind of glad, now if we can just trim down the number of betting shops, Camberley might become a half decent town.

    • What’s the likelihood that one of the two Ladbrokes shops in Camberley will close as a result of the merger with Coral? The two companies will have to shed some shops if the merger goes ahead, and two seems a bit of a ‘luxury’.

    • I don’t see the correlation between betting shops and an e-cigarette shop myself. I would have thought less people smoking tobacco would be a good thing for a town – less fag butts, better general health of the residents etc.

      • Fair comment. Fag butts are an undoubted nuisance, for a start. And whether it’s a good thing that Wales has banned the smoking of e-cigarettes in public places is certainly open to question.

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