Three months of A30 roadworks….

In case you haven’t seen it already, here’s some information from the county council.

A30 roadworks


14 thoughts on “Three months of A30 roadworks….

  1. Bagshot section could have been spared this 3rd major disruption in a year if this work had been combined with the Mains cable laying a couple of months back !

    • Speedicus, I genuinely don’t know what it’s reasonable to expect our county council to achieve. To what extent is it possible to coordinate utility company activities? But maybe there should be a system of carrots and sticks; a financial ‘penalty’ for companies that act independently of each other, and a ‘reward’ for those that do work together. Maybe introducing a HIGH rent for roadworks would encourage cooperation?

  2. Exactly. Is there no way that the council, which must have some idea of forthcoming works, stipulate that projects must be combined? There will be the excitement of the new Waitrose and presumably increased traffic round that area.
    There is a warning sign at the Meadows roundabout, but I got the impression from it that the roadworks would be near Bagshot, not all the way from The Meadows to past Bagshot…

    • I’m going to reserve judgement slightly, Fiona. I wouldn’t want a plumber and a painter to be working in the same part of my house at the same time; I guess that they’d get in each other’s way, and the job would suffer. Just maybe the same applies to digging up the road. On the other hand, there should be a visible and effective sytem of rewards and penalties to encourage companies to collaborate when it makes sense to do so.

  3. Announcement from me:

    Prior warning that there will be 3 months of:

    1) Children late for school
    2) People late for work
    3) Shoppers going elsewhere
    4) Increased accidents from smartass people jumping lights or misusing buslane
    5) Unrepeatable expletives from the majority of residents

    Somebody who wishes he could afford to move to Eversley

  4. Just to reassure people who are commenting that the A30 is again going to be disrupted, the provision of a new high speed optic link is a condition of a major new international organisation moving into Yorktown. They only completed the deal recently. This,of course ,is excellent news for new jobs in Camberley and business rates. Most work is to take place at night and disruption to traffic will be minimised.

    • If you really believe that yet again traffic congestion will be minimal then I have some friends in Nigeria who want to get some money out and all they need is your bank details, please post them here. 😉

      By the way, how many jobs for local people will this generate?

    • You plum !! …maybe you should have taken a drive down the A30 past the Meadows roundabout this morning and seen the chaos and long tailbacks from all directions before you posted this frankly condescending message !

  5. I am sick of this. Is the council full of idiots? Why could this not have been done when they were laying the cable for the new Waitrose? Or wait till next year when they are sorting out the traffic flow from Camberley to the meadows? Instead they are going to make lots of people late and angry, so this company, AboveNet, can make more money. The council seemed staffed by people that dont give a damn about Camberley.

  6. Remember that roadworks are nothing to do with Surrey Heath borough council, these are the reponsibility to Surrey county council, in Guildford Richmond or Kingston who probably have only a vague idea of where Camberley is! They are the ones who are supposed to coordinate roadworks, but they make no effort to do it.

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