County councillors and the ‘Eye’ all fail…

This lamp-post outside Camberley’s Pizza Express has been shining steadily, day and night, since before Christmas.

We reported it to the county council early this year (with hind-sight, we wonder whether the council’s website is working properly).  And, at the end of April, one of the county councillors wrote on this blog “Skanska Laing, our lighting contractor, will have known about this fault as the lamp standards are all radio controlled from their depot in Merrow.  Nevertheless I will chase them up.”


We’re not entirely convinced that our street lamps do report problems automatically to Skanska.  But, anyway, here we are in mid-June, and the councillor’s ‘chasing them up’ seems to have been no more successful than the Eye’s efforts.

Other local county councillors (do they visit the town?) apparently haven’t solved the problem either. ‘Nil points’ for everyone??


2 thoughts on “County councillors and the ‘Eye’ all fail…

    • The Eye can tell you that it ISN’T shining brightly in the daytime. We haven’t been in town after dark to see if it’s working then – we suspect it isn’t – as we have to go to bed immediately after CBeebies finishes, with a glass of warm milk.

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