Does anyone know the answer?

This photo was taken a couple of months ago, when the lime green shipping container in the car park in Camberley’s St George’s Road was ‘occupied’.

P1110942bAt the time, it seemed that the container had been converted to an office, with an electricity generator and a toilet in one end.

The container is still there, though we’ve never seen it open since.  So what’s its purpose?  It says ‘Weston Homes plc’ on the side – and Weston Homes was the developer of St George’s Court.  But surely that project was completed a while ago…


5 thoughts on “Does anyone know the answer?

  1. weston homes were using it as site office to repair roof at st georges court. it was due to be removed, but builders estimates are awful. wish the builders get the maths correct

  2. Sir,

    Weston Homes are still ‘repairing’ St Georges Crt! A new roof and terraces are only some of the issues being addressed. They still have a multitude of internal works to complete …….. we hope!

    Yours sincerely,

    Ian McLaughlin Director, St Georges Crt Camberley Management Ltd. 10 St Georges Crt

  3. THe container is an office/storeroom for Weston Homes and their roofing contractor. The St Georges Court roof and terraces were not fit for purpose and have been rebuilt over the past six months or so.

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