Pre-booked AND in advance!


This notice outside the SGS office building on the A30 obviously believes that, if it’s worth saying, it’s worth saying twice!


8 thoughts on “Pre-booked AND in advance!

  1. I’ve never understood the terms ‘pre-order’ and ‘pre-book’. They’re taken to mean doing it early, but to me it should refer to something you do before the order or before the booking.

    • Absolutely, Trish. I have a similar – but different! – difficulty with ‘attendee’. Surely it should be attender? Not that it’s possible to hold back the tide of linguistic evolution…

    • You’d be thrown out of the union of sign writers and paint manufacturers, Dominic, for threatening their livelihood. But, as followers of this blog will have realised, the Eye frequently gets ratty over stupid signs!

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