New lamps for old!

In the past, we’ve never been sure of the ownership of the car park above Camberley’s post office (that’s Level 3A of Main Square car park).  We’ve always guessed that part of it was owned by the borough council, but that some was the property of whoever owns Ashwood House, the large empty office block above and behind the post office and adjacent shops.

Anyway, we suspect that that’s irrelevant now.  We know that the borough council – behind closed doors – deliberated a few months ago about acquiring the whole building, and we expect that the purchase was given the ‘green light’.  If we’re right, we’d love to have been a fly on the wall when the decision was made;  by and large we don’t think local authorities should get involved in commercial projects.

Which is a fairly grand introduction to ‘merely’ reporting that some of the lights on Level 3A were changed a few weeks ago.  For nerds, it’s interesting to note the difference between the old and the new.  The old lights were built to withstand a nuclear explosion (well, not really, but they’d have stood up to one pretty well!), and the new ones are a light-weight plastic.

Need we say which one is which?


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