Plans or pipe-dreams?

The diagram below shows the council’s plans for the High Street/Knoll Road area of Camberley.  You can see that the granary building at the bottom of Knoll Road will be demolished to enable the road junction to be widened, with a larger roundabout.  Also, service roads – indicated by pink dashed lines – will be constructed behind the shops on the eastern side of the High Street.  This will facilitate the pedestrianisation of the High Street itself (pedestrianisation along the main length of the road being indicated by the red dotted line).

Plan 2000 Knoll Road

None of this has happened yet, of course.  But, after all, the diagram was originally printed for the Local Plan 2000, so we can’t expect much progress a mere fifteen years later.  However, we have now progressed to the point at which the council is SAYING about the High Street: “The dominance of cars should be minimised providing a pedestrian friendly environment.”  What?  How can tons of mobile metal NOT dominate a fragile flesh-and-blood pedestrian?

So far, there’s no service road, the granary corner remains untouched – in fact, the council has now had second thoughts, and is considering retaining the building (thus is progress) – and the High Street is as unwelcoming as ever.  Walk around the centres of nearby towns and you’ll see construction sites and brand new buildings.  What does Camberley offer in competition?  Not a lot.


8 thoughts on “Plans or pipe-dreams?

  1. Wouldn’t want to lose the Granary. We have already lost the old court house and several other lovely old buildings. The town has an interesting history – don’t tear down all the buildings associated with that history.

  2. I don’t think there’s any immediate threat to the granary, Anita. But if enough people want to protect it, it would be better, I suspect, to act early rather than late. Maybe – and I’m ignorant about such things – getting it accepted as an ‘Asset of Community Value’ would be a start?

  3. I’m sure that somebody, somewhere, has a nascent proposal to turn it into flats (or possibly a retirement home), after all, they’re all the rage at the moment…

      • I doubt somehow that our obsolete Lords and Masters currently residing in Surrey Heath Castle would care to vacate it? That could be converted to flats, to house a few of our local “Still living at Hotel Mum and Dad” essential workers e.g. nurses, police fire and ambulance officers etc. What they paid for the Camberley slug would have paid for the necessary works.

  4. Typical! Flippin’ TYPICAL! As a result of tonight’s post about the Granary vehicle charging point, I was just about to “ink” an order for a Toyota Prius. NOW Eye tells me, two months earlier, that the “grabary” developers have their beady eyes on the Granary building that supports my future cunning plan for free to use personal transport! Announcing things two months before they happened, simply won’t do Mr WordPress! Get some computer program “developers” on that issue please… while they are there, could you ask how the “Next week’s lottery numbers pre-announcer” WordPress plugin is coming along please? … Hmm I’d better check what baccy my wife bought me, it might be wacky, I seem to have posted a “Pipe dream” here!

    • I’ve been asked to published the lottery numbers in advance before. But I’ve always refused on the basis that – like Christmas – the real fun is in the anticipation. Imagine if Christmas Day was in September – where would the excitement be in that? No chance of a flake of snow on the London Weather Centre roof either!

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