The London Road Block. We sit and wonder….

We wonder about the future of Camberley’s London Road Block (the area between Park Street and the High Street, and between the A30 and – roughly – Boots).  We all know that the council is pinning its hopes on a commercial organisation redeveloping it into a modern shopping centre.  But when?

The last explicit public statement that we’ve seen is that a planning application for the redevelopment should be submitted during the first half of this year.  However, a statement emerged a few weeks ago that implied that no definite decision would be made – or made public, at least – until around the end of this year.  We don’t expect a planning application to be submitted before then.

There are two ways of looking at the outlook for retail.  Firstly, the positive one.  Investors are “piling into retail” according to this Daily Telegraph on-line article:


Then there’s the negative way of looking at things.  According to the above article, quite a few owners of shopping centres are putting their assets up for sale!  Presumably they think that this is the right time to exit the business.  Ho, hum. Half full or half empty?

Or, to muddle thing still further, it appears that some businesses see this as an opportunity to acquire existing shopping centres, inject some expertise into their management and operation, add value to them, and – we guess – then sell them.


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