Hark the Herald… but it’ll be in vain

Digging through our files, we came across this text by the borough council.  It was written a little more than eight years ago.

“The prestigious Atrium development on land west of Park Street includes a public art opportunity for Camberley as part of the construction programme. The Council has the responsibility to lead the choice of artwork and to liaise with the applicant on the siting and design.”

“The Project has two elements; a public art feature in Park Street and two Herald Features on the A30. This report sets out the arrangements for the public art element only. The Herald features will form part of a later phase….

camberley 022b

We all know that the art feature in Park Street was completed.  Here’s ‘The Right Way’ while it was still being constructed.  But whatever happened to the two ‘Herald Features’ on the A30?  Are they still in the pipeline?  Assuming that money was earmarked for them, what happened to it?


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