Useless council signs? (Useless signs, not useless council, obviously.)

The meaning of the blue circular sign at the entrance to Camberley’s Main Square car park seems clear.  Cyclists should keep to the left (using the red footpath with a yellow pedestrian silhouette on it).  Pedestrians should keep to the right (going through the car-operated barrier?).

Why cyclists should want to enter the car park here at all beats us – the cycle stands on the right in the photo aren’t accessible from this entrance.


What’s more, presumably the red ‘Ground Floor’ sign indicates that you must keep to the right if you want to stay on the ground floor.  Not that anything different happens if you keep to the left.  Unless, you’re driving a car, that is.  If you are, keeping left results in a nasty crunching sound.

Do either of these signs – for which residents must have paid – serve any useful purpose?

Are we entitled to think that no-one in the council actually cares?  Should we worry that other council activities may be of a similar standard?


6 thoughts on “Useless council signs? (Useless signs, not useless council, obviously.)

  1. Nothing surprises me about this car park in stupidity terms. It is useless, inefficient and overpriced. There are a lot more signs around the car park that make very little sense. The so called refurb has made little improvement either. A complete waste of money and perhaps the council bod that is responsible for running this facility should be having a long and careful look at their performance – although I’m certain they don’t really care that much. Probably still getting annual bonuses for great performance according to the council…

    • To be fair, the stairwells, that were inexcusably disgusting, have been improved. And, ever so slowly, the lifts are being upgraded. But the lack of attention to detail is unforgiveable.

    • It’s so frustrating. No doubt the council is short of resources, no doubt it has more important problems than a car park sign, but when stupid things go uncorrected for years, the obvious conclusion is that the ‘management’ doesn’t care, and that it doesn’t do its job properly.

  2. In order to avoid selecting the wrong option, and/or, performing a reversing manoeuvre, I believe you should, as you take the car park slip round, bring your car to a complete stop in the middle of the road. Take off your seatbelt. Get out of the car. Walk up to the assortment of signs. Put on your reading glasses (go back and get them from the car if you don’t have them with you). Make a judgement based on the signs, cross-referenced with common sense. Walk back to the car. Apologise to the waiting queue of cars behind you by showing them the palm of your hand. Get in the car. Put seatbelt on. Start the car. Check the correct amount of passengers are still in the car and haven’t wandered off out of boredom. Drive the car along the road, past the Carpenter’s Arms, onto the main road and to a completely different town altogether.

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