Absolute conversion into yet more flats

The office block called Absolute, in Frimley’s Lyon Way industrial estate, is the subject of a new planning application.  Inevitably, the intention is to convert the building into flats.

“Application for Prior Approval under Part 3 Class O of the General Permitted Development Order for the conversion of offices to 36 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom flats”

P1120094 P1120093

The first floor of the building used to be occupied by Surrey County Council.  This notice is still above the abandoned reception desk – it can only just about be seen, let-alone photographed, from outside the building.


Photocopied notices stuck on the entrance lobby windows state that the Registrar of Births and Deaths has moved to the borough council’s offices in Knoll Road.  We don’t know what has happened to the other services.


2 thoughts on “Absolute conversion into yet more flats

  1. Rather strange place to turn into flats considering its location unless they for key workers at the Frimley Park or set to become social housing….

    Most of the services were either transferred to the Knoll or to Woking, however teams such as Childrens ICT were disbanded in 2006 following the first wave of the conservitive council adversity cuts!!

    • It does seem a strange place for people to live. But it’s probably not all that far from Frimley High Street? (And thanks for the information about some of the council’s services.)

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