Defending nature…….

We don’t normally publicise good causes – there are just too many of them for us to cope. But we’re showing the following ‘by special request’, especially as it relates to Thames Basin Heaths – our neighbourhood.  (Also, there was a bit of a technical challenge in reproducing the information, and we don’t like being beaten!)


New Forest

I’m asking for just three minutes of your time today to help save nature.

The New Forest and Thames Basin Heaths are just two of the special places that have been protected by the Nature Directives.

The bedrock of nature conservation in the UK and across Europe, the Directives have provided the highest level of protection to vulnerable habitats and species for the past 30 years – and they work.

However, European leaders are now considering weakening these vital laws, and rolling back years of progress.

To stop the Directives being eroded in any way, we URGENTLY need to pile on the pressure. Whether you embrace nature to walk your dog, entertain the children or simply recharge your batteries, we need your help to:

  • Defend the laws that protect nature throughout the UK and across Europe
  • Preserve special places for future generations
  • Protect wildlife which may otherwise be lost forever

Please act NOW. You have one chance to officially have your say. Without your help, it could all be gone tomorrow.

Thank you for defending our nature,

Mike Clarke


Chief Executive, RSPB


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