No, we don’t think this was a safe operation



‘Better safe than sorry’.  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.


6 thoughts on “No, we don’t think this was a safe operation

  1. Where are the Hard Hats, Gloves and safety glasses? Why is the ladder not tied off or at least at the bottom of the ladder to support it? Climbing accross a space to the roof is not a safe activity. Where are the HSE Executive when you need them?

  2. Scary. The bottom photo in particular could be used in Elfen Safe Tea training – how many errors can you spot…

  3. H&S
    .. and dust.
    They will have fun when they finally take the building down.
    [was there a whisper of asbestos obligations ?]

    • Yes, a dust mask would be a sensible precaution too, of course.
      i’m not sure that asbestos is an issue. Testing for its presence is pretty much routine before demolishing a commercial building, and measures to manage its removal are well-established, of course. It just adds to the cost and time-scale of the operation……

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