No more Sparks on the A30

It seems to be widely known that Sparks garage on the A30 has closed after many years.  According to the Facebook group ”Historic Frimley, Frimley Green, Deepcut et al….’, John Sparks retired recently.

Sparks garageb

(A rather fuzzy photo taken while driving past!)

An outline planning application has now been submitted for the site.  The application documentation includes the following text:

“The application proposes the demolition of the existing buildings and the erection of up to 10 no. apartments, access from Maultway North, associated parking and landscaping.

3.2. Only the principle of developing the site for up to 10 no. residential apartments, alongside the means of access are to be determined as part of this application.  Appearance, landscaping, layout and scale are reserved for subsequent determination.”



10 thoughts on “No more Sparks on the A30

  1. Anything will look better than this eyesore… Sorry John as I guess you have worked hard all of your life and you will be sorry to see it tumble

    • Not a thing of beauty, certainly, but in some ways a welcome contrast to bland architecture and ‘mass-produced’ developments. A bit of local history and character.

  2. Yes we thought Sparkie was closing up. He’s had some ill health in recent years so obviously has called it a day. It is a good site for more flats although they’ll have to clear the surface as oil etc must have polluted it a great deal over the years.

  3. Another bit of Camberley’s recent history disappearing to be replaced by another lot of bland housing that will get planning at a drop of a hat. Meanwhile providing recretional facilities for the local community continue to be nigh on impossible to get passed. Best wishes to Sparksie for his well earnt retirement.

  4. All the artists in Camberley will be sad to see this go. One of the last really interesting buildings in Camberley to paint. With this and the Art shop closing Camberley will be the poorer.

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