Oops, we slipped up….

On 16th April, we posted an item about Norwich House – the office block at the top of Knoll Road – being converted into flats.

Since then, we’ve seen details of No. 3 Knoll Road being converted into flats, and, without too much thought, we concluded that it was one and the same development.  The only question being ‘What happened to No. 1 Knoll Road?’  We presumed that it was underneath Norwich House somehow.

But no.  We’d got our numbering quite wrong.  Knoll Road is numbered from the southern end upwards.  Which means, somewhat surprisingly, that No. 3 is almost opposite the theatre.  It’s the former Siemens office block.


So, somewhat late in the day, we’re now recording a planning application for “Prior Approval under Schedule 2, part 3 Class O of the General Permitted Development Order for the conversion of existing B1 offices to C3 (dwellings) comprising 25 residential apartments with allocated car parking spaces and cycle spaces”

It’s not entirely clear to us what’s going to happen to the ground floor of the building.  The flats will be on the first and upper floors, with each flat being allocated one parking space from the existing fifty three spaces.


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