Do ‘top 100’ towns treat shoppers as if they were stupid?

As this sign is installed by one of the renovated lifts in Camberley’s Main Square car park, we can only assume it is there with the blessing of the borough council.  That’s the council whose stated aim is to achieve a ‘top 100’ town status for Camberley.


We can also only assume that there have been difficulties with people pressing the wrong button to call the lift.  No doubt the borough council will have evidence that this has been a sufficiently serious problem that a notice telling people what to do, and what not to do, is required.

Of course, sometimes children will misbehave.  But will a notice telling them not to do so have the desired effect?

(As an aside, this notice is on the ground floor of the car park.  That’s where there’s only one button to call the lift, and where departing lifts can only go one way, of course:  straight up.)


6 thoughts on “Do ‘top 100’ towns treat shoppers as if they were stupid?

    • Almost certainly you’re right, Dominic. Not that that’s any excuse, of course. SHBC runs the car park as a commercial venture, and they should manage it properly.

  1. That is just a superb notice. Surely it was written tongue in cheek and should be taken as such. Probably in s reposnse to some complaint from someone who really cannot operate a lift or work out it takes longer to go up if you go down first. Have we all serioulsy lost our sense of humour ?

    • Almost certainly written by a frustrated engineer who can’t bear to see his lifts abused. Which is quite understandable. What isn’t so understandable is why the council has allowed the notice to stay there.

  2. It isn’t a superb notice. It makes the fatal mistake of assuming that everybody who reads it will have the same sense of humour as the person who wrote it.

    But also, its just plain dumb. If the sign is on the bottom floor, then its completely meaningless, because, as pointed out, there will be no down button anyway. If you are going to point out the folly in others, you should do so without committing one yourself.

    To be honest, it reads like the kind of sign a worker would put on the wall in their canteen. It would be very funny there, as the intended audience would be in agreement with it. But, putting it out there in front of your customers is not such a good idea.

    • The customer is always right, of course. So if they do need a ‘nudge’ – and no doubt some customers do – it shouldn’t be done as if the customer was in the wrong. Customers can usually go elsewhere….

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