At last, the scaffolding’s down

The Churchill Retirement Homes building in Camberley’s Park Lane is now visible without scaffolding surrounding it.


We don’t think there’s a plaque recording the construction date anywhere outside the building.  But it doesn’t need one – its design is typical of early 21st century architecture.  It was more interesting when the scaffolding was still in place and the drain pipes weren’t so prominent….


4 thoughts on “At last, the scaffolding’s down

  1. I agree, not much original thought went into the architecture, it probably came from the book of standard designs without an architect involved.

    • What concerns me, Steve, is that the borough council turned down the first application to build a care home on the Holiday Autos site because they didn’t like its appearance. They approved an amended application which – as far as I can tell from the drawings – is going to be from the same chapter of the book of standard designs.

      • It also concerns me that Camberley is in danger of looking like one of the old communist Eastern European states with row after row of similar blocks of flats and no good architecture. Mind you we are well on the way already.

      • Sadly, it looks as if you’re right, Steve. The one development where the council is definitely not to blame is the Duke of York/Yorktown House development at the top of the Frimley Road. The opening comment from the planning committee – bless them – when shown an artist’s impression of what was proposed was ‘It looks like a prison!’. The plans were rejected unanimously by the committee, but the decision was over-ruled by the Planning Inspectorate on appeal. Huh!

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